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Glossy Metal - Grey- Black

BLADE, the innovative Jet model with a contained shell, coated with a special metal paint that gives a materic visual and tactile effect, in contrast with the linear and shiny central graphic characterized by the logo. 
Blade is devoted to the young urban riders those who are very attentive to fashion and trends and seek high-energy style and color, without sacrificing quality and safety.
- Helmet Size
Shell in 2 sizes.
Shell material ABS.
Varnishing with special Metal paints for increased weather resistance.
Inner padding material High sweat absorption fabric and mesh fabric net. Fabric with silver ion treatment for an effective bacteria-static action. Not removable inner padding.
Sizes XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL
Inner Sun visor manually operated, with approved anti-scratch treatment and absorption of radiation up to 400 micron.
Chinstrap with micrometer buckle.

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